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Teachable Moments for your Children

Updated: May 14, 2023

Adapted from: Scholastic Teachable Moments for Parents

Parents and Teachers at The Toddler Club work as a Team to help a Child Succeed Today and in the Future  

Teachable moments are very important to our fabulous parent body at The Toddler Club. Our fabulous parents recognize the importance of using the routine outings to empower their child and boost their confidence. The Toddler Club parents and teachers work as a team to assure their child’s success, manners and social skills

As the children grow and mature life skills are taught by modeling polite behavior from our outstanding parents and our fabulous staff. Together, parents take advantage of a routine outing and use it as a teachable moment and our staff give the students top-notch educational and social skills.

Friends enjoy playing at The Toddlers Club! Below are four of the many Teachable Moments Scholastic Parent Videos. Watch and listen how routine outings to the grocery store, the doctors office, a restaurant and a car ride can be teachable moments for your children!

Teachable Moment at the Grocery Store: Parents help their kids with math, literacy and social skills!

To view this Scholastic video please click here and watch below!

Teachable Moments at the Doctor’s Office: The waiting room can be like a classroom!

View this Scholastic video please click here and watch below!

Teachable Moments at a Restaurant: Learn delicious teachable moments with your kids through food.

To view this Scholastic video please click here and watch below!

Teachable Moments on a Road trip: Parents and everyday car trips with creative thinking to silly games!

To view this Scholastic video  please click here and watch below!

For more Scholastic expert advice on reading and learning please click here

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