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Preschool Year – Five Tips to Help Assure Success!

Updated: May 14, 2023

Adapted from Deborah Stewart; Early Childhood Educator & Author of Teach Preschool Blog 

The first week of preschool has come and gone! Here are five tips to help assure a successful preschool year!

1. BEDTIME: Children who get the proper amount of rest/sleep do better emotionally, socially, academically in school; a good night’s sleep is a must do for success at school and a preschool year.

2. MORNING ROUTINE: A relaxed morning routine will start the day out right. Both parent and child should get up a bit early than usual on school days and have a relaxed breakfast. Offering your child “thinking food” and avoid “junk food” as often as possible will help assure a great preschool year!

3. PARENTAL EMOTIONS: Parents will naturally be anxious about the start of the preschool year! However, be sure to keep your emotions in check; children will pick up on your emotional feelings of stress which will most likely cause them stress on and off the preschool year as well!

4. CAR RIDE: The car ride to school is a great opportunity to talk or sing with your preschooler – you’d be surprised how much this will help your child throughout the day and throughout the preschool year!

5. DRESS FOR SUCCESS: Your preschool aged child will get the most out of their preschool year and their daily experience by dressing them for success! Here are some ways to dress your child for success:

The Toddler Club Children Exploring the Color RED!

  • Children should wear cloths that are easy for THEM to put on. This will build their self esteem knowing they can get dressed all by themselves!

  • If your child has anxiety about getting messy then dress them in clothes that decrease this anxiety.

  • Be sure to choose the clothes appropriate for the weather!

  • Clothes should be comfortable for outdoor play; like running, playground, dancing and other active physical movement!

  • Shoes should be comfortable and durable so that their little feet don’t get hurt if stepped on!

  • Choose clothing that they won’t be worried about getting messy.

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