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Kindergarten Readiness and Your VPK Graduate

Updated: May 14, 2023

Adapted from Heather Hamilton; writer for Varsity Tutors

Blog post is below this great YouTube video called “What Your Child Will Learn in Kindergarten”

Kindergarten readiness is a focus at The Toddler Club preschool. Some kindergartners feel anxious for the first day of school and some can’t wait to start. They might be looking forward to fun art projects and new friends. The summer before kindergarten parents might wonder how to prepare their child for a new school.

Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to make sure that you’re both ready for this next step.      

Familiarize Yourself With The School:

Many schools offer tours of the school for parents and students. Some even offer “kindergarten readiness” or “kindergarten training” the week before classes begin. Parents and children should visit the cafeteria, restrooms, playgrounds, and offices. This will make your child feel more comfortable leaving his parent on the first day of school.

Practice Basic Skills:

Parents might be wonder if their VPK graduate received the proper amount of kindergarten readiness skills at The Toddler Club – the best preschool! It is recommended that parents help their child practice skills taught at The Toddler Club Preschool. Examples of kindergarten readiness skills are, reviewing and writing the alphabet, writing child’s name and practice basic counting.

Review Independence:

As your child starts kindergarten, parents might feel overprotective. It’s important to allow your child figure things out on her own and not rely on parent intervention. Your Toddler Club graduate has been taught independent skills, but practice makes perfect! Over the summer, allow your child to take an active role in problem solving at home. Role play something that might occur in kindergarten and how to react.

Find Joy in Learning:

Parents should make summer kindergarten readiness preparation fun, with patience and gentleness. This attitude will lead to a lifelong love for learning. Being an enthusiastic parent during this transition, can encourage excitement for your child that will stay with him throughout his life!

To read the original article by Heather Hamilton, writer for Varsity Tutors please click here To watch the video by on YouTube please: click here

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