Open till 7:00pm!!!


Because we are so "THANKFUL" we are offering "SPECIAL RATES" till Thanksgiving!!!!  Please call for quotes!!!




12 months - 5 years and up  

(up to 12 years for Educational Summer Program and school days off)


Monday - Friday

6:30am -7:00pm


Full Time, Part Time and 1/2 Days




Our Mission

When it comes to your kids, nothing less than the highest standards will do. Our facility provides a safe environment for your child to explore his or her full potential. If you're looking for a child care center that meets these stringent demands, look no further!


Our mission is to create an environment that allows every child a positive, safe, loving, learning experience; that they will be better in life because of the years spent at The Toddler Club.

The Toddler Club strives to encourage every child to be the best that they can be. We work with your child to ensure that they grow physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally in a secure, hands-on and caring environment. At The Toddler Club, we work with your child during the most important years of their lives, enhancing their educational skills and giving them every opportunity to explore their world through the wonder of play and developmentally appropriate programs.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share in your child’s life.


We give it our all

Our staff consists of experienced, certified and continually trained educators. We will care for your child like no other facility.

Our team

Useful Facts from A to Z

Useful hints and important information about the daily interplay between you, your child and The Toddler Club.






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